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Holistic Wellness

The integration of spirit and science has a great potential to address the complexities of being human. By honoring our many parts, including the physical body, the mind that runs through us, inclusive of thoughts and emotions, the spirit, and the consciousness that rests independent of all changing phenomena we can build our capacity.  Meeting and nourishing ourselves through the layers of our being, we have the therapeutic opportunity to address underlying causes to our uncomfortable symptoms in our internal and external worlds. This practice will lead to a deeper, more intimate connection with ourselves, and within the thread of all relationships.

At Temple Love we believe your body holds an intelligence; an innate ability to bring itself into homeostasis, and vitality. Our method teaches you the language of your body, how to understand the messages your symptoms are telling you, and how to then give yourself the support you need to be free of them. Practitioner and client work together to understand the essence of biological rhythms and interventions suited to an individual where they are at a given time. This is found through the integration of Organic Intelligence and the ancient wisdom of yoga and feminine form Ayurveda, and the hands on approach of craniosacral therapy. We can support your recovery from symptoms and conditions that include addictions, digestive issues, fatigue, feelings of anxiousness, or depression, headaches, PTSD, and auto-immune disorders. We also focus on how our health influences our ability to be in relationship with other and live with authenticity.

What is Organic Intelligence?

Organic Intelligence (OI), is a theory and clinical practice of human empowerment, resiliency, and compassion to resolve the devastating effects of stress, trauma, and PTSD. OI is based on proven methods and understandings drawn from anthropology, biology, and the science of self-organization.

A traumatic experience can be anything from a car accident, to a bad fall, to the death of a loved one, to the experience of physical or emotional abuse. What tells us it is trauma is how the nervous system responds. Like all mammals, we respond to trauma by going into survival mode.

Problems arise, though, for us as modern humans, when we get stuck in that survival mode, long after the threat is gone. This is called the fight, flight, freeze, or collapse response. When you are stuck in survival mode you can’t rest, digest, and recover. Nor are you as able to engage fully with your surroundings. Your cells’ ability to repair becomes inhibited. You stay in “high gear” and stress patterns become lodged in the nervous system and the connective tissue of the body. Being in chronic survival mode takes its toll on the body. Blood pressure, heart rate, breath and muscle tone are affected. Body systems that don’t contribute to direct survival in the moment – like digestion, the immune system and the reproductive system – are down regulated. Inflammation can run rampant and brain chemistry can become imbalanced.

Both Organic Intelligence, and craniosacral therapy look at how you are holding onto trauma, and tunes into the instinctive (but previously unseen) ways in which your body can naturally deactivate that stress. And Ayurveda and Yoga can support your return to more balance.

Although OI can look like traditional talk therapy, it is different, in that the work is rooted in the nervous system—in the body. While talking about your experiences is part of the process, there can be an emphasis on how stress is showing up in your body. We carefully track images, sensations, cognition, and emotions and other present moment experiences that come up in reference to trauma and stress. We then look for and follow the ways in which your system is able to deactivate, release, relax and integrate. And we utilize the essential support of our sensory system and it’s ability to orient with the outside world.

What is craniosacral therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle hands on method enhancing the body’s own healing ability. The practice involves gentle manipulations as the therapist both tests for restrictions and “listens” to the quality of the craniosacral rhythm, which the body regulates and maintains in order to feed and nurture our delicate nervous tissues.

CST clears restrictions in the fascial tissues of the body. These are the soft tissue layers that are continuous throughout the whole body and envelop every organ, muscle and bone down to the individual cells. As a light, hands-on approach, CST harmonizes with the body’s natural hydraulic forces and movements, thus encouraging and enhancing the body’s inherent natural healing abilities. This gentle releasing of chronic tensions within the body can effect major changes in both physical and emotional well-being.

All events in life are perceived by the body through the sensory network of nerves going into the brain. These events include trauma of any nature; injury, physical or emotional trauma, or could be chemical or biological in nature. Everything the body experiences, is recorded in the tissue and may cause restrictions. These may then manifest as disease, dysfunction or poor healing, as the body’s own healing and self-corrective techniques are overwhelmed and therefore less efficient.

Craniosacral therapy enhances the function of the Autonomic Nervous System, which consists of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. The body heals and repairs itself when the parasympathetic is dominant i.e. when we are most relaxed or asleep.

What is feminine form Ayurveda?

Divine Feminine Ayurveda is the ancient wisdom of the body and the cosmos. It reminds us of what we have forgotten–it asks us to remember,  our ancient knowing, and our alignment with nature.

Feminine form medicine encourages us to trust ourselves and our own bodies inherent wisdom and to reclaim our power and our self-mastery. It is the realm of the adaptable and the interconnected.

Add on options for session work include:

-30 minutes in far-infrared sauna

-Ayurvedic consult for daily wellness (inclusive of herbs, meditations, dietary support for your system, and morning rituals)

-Movement practices in tune with your system

Rates available upon request.

Cancellation 24 hours.


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