Holistic Mental Health Coaching

Nervous System Regulation

Private Sessions Include:

May include pro-active physical practices, meditation, daily self-care rituals, whole-being health coaching, practices of personal empowerment, and psycho-spiritual inquiry, personalized take home assignments

Michelle embodies exuberance and awe as she offers her gift of invitation to move deeper into implicit experience and knowing.  -Camille D.

Michelle is masterful at “coaching the coach”. Well-aware of my no-nonsense advice-seeking, she gets right to the point, which is just what I need to break through my barriers. Spending time with her each month is the best investment I’ve made in myself and my business. If you’re looking to develop the courage to step into your own power and really shine, if you want to learn to set aside the self-sabotage and trade it in for self-love, if you want to get to the root of what is preventing you from blossoming, look no further. Your mind and body are sure to be in sync after working with Michelle. I am grateful for the time I have shared and continue to share with such an open, authentic human being. -Mel Mason


Temple Love’s offerings gift you an experience of sweet bliss with the medicine of essential oils, safe therapeutic touch, relaxation, and the invitation for free-flowing movement of energy in your body which will often lead to dialogue with a more profound mind/body connection.

Rates available upon request.

Cancellation 24 hours.


Temple Love Accepts Cash, Checks, and all Major Credit Cards