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Being Human poetry


 Found in love. Recognized in surrender. Yet, sacred forgetting breeds exhaustive fear. Trance of unworthiness creates a rigid state. Searching for a story ends with selfing narratives.  Open to the …

Being Human poetry

Renovation of a System

Watching old fears made new followed by a gestation of wakefulness for living vividly. Gifts bountiful. Change necessary. Observations of self through whole body wisdom. Discovery of a schema discoloring …

poetry Ritual Wisdom Teachings

Seaside Love

*photo by Monica Woods Seaside Love  (One of) salty purification. Changing of a season returning to quiet joy. Gifted an embodied process. Awakening dormant energy, tides of truth. Perfect data in discovering …

Being Human poetry Ritual

Yes in Action

Experiencing tiny bursts of an aliveness saturated with your soul. Waking up to beauty. Lines of perfection on your temple lead to exquisite sensations through every limb. Drinking in the …


Sweet Return

A return to my beloved is like that familiar reunion with my own soul. This breath can grow full with the scent of deep presence on my skin. It was …

Being Human poetry


I keep forgetting myself. Where I can be found is. . . . right here. This body. This woman body. Sitting under a blue sky. A bright yellow sun. Swimming …