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Being Human poetry


Underneath this cap is an unfolding. A rhythmicity so inherent in aliveness, a magnificent depth found within my own biology. * The existence that happens between bird calls and intensity …

Being Human poetry


Steeping in the warm fire of the sun. Basking in the essence of fortitude, illumination, and an indiscriminate blessing. * Resonant with the biological rhythm of the birds whose song …

Being Human poetry


Tiniest of moments integrate as perfection. Attention placed within the depth of the bluest pools whilst suspending an ache that rests just beyond the crest, the surge, the rapture.  * …

Being Human poetry


Amplified softness witnessing two women in love. Simultaneous delight by their duplicate perfection in the form of exquisitely placed moles.  Thus, they are not only wed in love, but married …

Being Human poetry


With the comforting new discovery that I live within a dragon’s bowl, and the repeating experience of generosity with a cycle of respiration, a plentitude satiates this wayfarer. In touch …