By Appointment

At Temple Love, I believe your body and your relationships hold an intelligence; an innate ability to bring itself into homeostasis, and vitality. This model of working teaches you the language of your body, how to understand the messages your physical and mental/emotional symptoms are telling you, and how to then give yourself the support you need to be free of them. I have a belief that what brings us into a therapeutic container is what at the core of us is just right, versus what’s wrong. We have a knowing that it is time to remove what is not our truth, nor our birthright and often in exploration of what is true for us in our culture of love and being. Practitioner and client(s) work together to understand the essence of biological rhythms and interventions suited to an individual/couple where they are at a given time. This is found through the integration of a holistic model. My training is in education, and counseling psychology with an emphasis in somatics and experiential practices. I work through the human empowerment and resiliency lens of the Organic Intelligence (OI) model, interpersonal neurobiology, and relational life health. I have been training and practicing as a practitioner in the realm of bodywork modalities and experiential practices for over two decades. My journey in the ancient wisdom of yoga began in 1998 and has guided all of my studies and education since as I believe in the path as a way to live well with oneself, one another, and the world. The yogic path and it’s teachings are a guide to all of my work.

I work with clients through integrative methods including the gentle hands on work of cranialsacral therapy, holistic biomechanics, trauma recovery work, psychoeducation of the brain and experiential practices for making shifts to update our physical and subtle body into the present moment. I live with the belief in the intelligence of a system’s workings and that our conscious and unconscious choices to survive are always at the forefront of our patterns. Our work in a therapeutic environment is to become more aware of when those patterns for survival are operating out of past experience and what was once a brilliant adaptation has now become an impairment to our more optimal well being.

We can compassionately support your recovery from symptoms and conditions that include addictions, digestive issues, fatigue, feelings of anxiousness, or depression, headaches, PTSD, and auto-immune disorders. We also focus on how our physiological health, and brain states influences our ability to be in relationship with other and live with authenticity inclusive of when intimate relationships end or change and the journey that often entails. Temple Love recognizes the influence of cultural and structural oppression and the internalizations individuals and communities are working with due to such injustices in our world. This is an ongoing exploration I am committed to working with, for, and alongside my clients.

The integration of spirit and science has a great potential to address the complexities of being human. By honoring our many parts, including the physical body, the mind that runs through us, inclusive of thoughts and emotions, the spirit, and the consciousness that rests independent of all changing phenomena we can build our capacity.  Meeting and nourishing ourselves through the layers of our being, we have the therapeutic opportunity to address underlying causes to our uncomfortable symptoms in our internal and external worlds. This practice will lead to a deeper, more intimate connection with ourselves, the world, and within the thread of all relationships.