Everyday love.

Right now Michelle is teaching just one public class a week.

Saturdays 9:00-10:30am Yin/Vinyasa  Tucson Yoga

Hatha Flow Fill yourself with juice!!! Be nourished by a dynamic asana practice, linking breath to movement and integrating mental practices that enhance everyday living. This energetic vinyasa practice is an experience to cultivate inner and outer strength. Sacred, celebratory, and sometimes a little bit wild, we will offer ourselves into the ever changing, pulsing rhythms of our breath and our heart, and align ourselves with the seasons and cycles.

Restorative A practice in support of bringing harmony to our whole being. With the use of props (blankets, bolsters, blocks) the body can settle into more passive shapes for an extended period of time inviting a deep relaxation to the body and mind. This nourishing practice offers a deep quality of rejuvenation in support of everyday living.

Yin A passive practice that works the deeper tissues of the body (ligaments, joints, fascia). Poses are held between 3 and 5 minutes to allow time for the connective tissues to moisten and stretch. This practice leaves you feeling peaceful and balanced. This class appropriate for all levels.

Yin/Vinyasa  Bathe yourself in a practice of balance honoring the polarities of your being.  These energetic sequences will be offered in both a yin and yang style to maximize the complementarity of the feminine/masculine, lunar/solar, still/dynamic aspects of each of us.   Experience a devotional flow attending to the body temple in the longer held practice of yin shapes (affecting the fabric of the physical/energetic body) and the rhythmic trance that comes with a more yang sequence.  The flavor of this morning practice will connect us to the vitality of our own prana, and provide us with an opportunity to continually train our minds to meet the ever changing experiences of life.  And might we be reminded of the love within as we practice, practice, practice!