About/Michelle Marks


Mama, teacher, friend, poet, educator, student, Michelle has been sharing what she loves since 2001, merging her background of somatic therapies, nervous system regulation and extensive yoga studies with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology.  Her passion is offering experiential practices of the body, mind, and spirit through creative classes, individual whole-being health coaching, workshops and retreats.

Michelle is passionate about working with women who are embracing transitional times in life that can lead to emotional overwhelm, neglect of self-care and continued personal and relational development. She supports women in learning how to accept, meet and grow from the unexpected turns that happen in life leading to a greater sense of empowerment, and joy and a return to the sacred feminine.

As a certified Holistic Mental Health Practitioner she works in partnership with her clients tailoring wellness practices to individual’s unique needs.  Michelle is currently in a three year program studying Organic Intelligence, a unique theory and clinical practice of human empowerment, resiliency, and compassion to resolve the devastating effects of stress, trauma, and PTSD.

Michelle uses the support of educating her clients about their own nervous systems, movement, meditation, psycho-spiritual inquiry, flower essences, and medicinal essential oils in her practices of turning what is difficult into wisdom.

You are a magical unicorn yoga goddess! I feel so empowered after our one-on-one session. Thank you for your guidance and support. -Kristen Nelson


The integration of therapeutic and holistic approaches has a great potential to address the complexities of human suffering, and honor human strengths as people are reminded of their wholeness by working with and honoring their many parts, including their physical body and body sensations, their mind, inclusive of thoughts and emotions, their spirituality, and the consciousness that rests independent of all changing phenomena.  Meeting and nourishing ourselves at the subtle levels of the body, heart and mind, we have the therapeutic opportunity to address underlying causes to our uncomfortable symptoms in our internal and external worlds. This practice will lead to a deeper, more intimate connection with ourselves, and in our relationships.

Michelle’s mission is to support individuals in the cultivation of integrated personal practices. In her private practice, Michelle helps her clients in finding emotional freedom and spiritual growth during difficult life transitions, and at times in which support can be paramount for desired shifts. A practice with Michelle will be an opportunity to see clearly into how our day to day practices impact us on many levels. She provides non-judgmental support and  transformational experiences for people to return to vitality and wholeness. Michelle meets her clients and students with amazing empathy while holding them accountable to themselves with a style that is both bold and gracious, and full of love.

There is a wizard-goddess-guru-friend-mother-healer-buoyant, radiant soul right here in Tucson who is ready to work her integrative magic on your body-mind-spirit (and that of your beloved). -Audra Vilaly