Temple Love Yoga

I am here to support you with your unique journey. With an understanding that the nervous system regulates everything we have the opportunity to attend to the wellspring of your energy, bounty, and all your physical, mental and emotional processes. Yoga is a daily path of reunification, of remembering. Working with the Organic Intelligence (TM) model that supports human empowerment and resiliency, coupled with the ancient wisdom tradition of yoga we become more integrated. Through a lens of positive psychology, and working directly with our physiology we tend to unresolved stress and maladaptive patterns that have impacted our whole being health. Embodiment, energy, and joyful living are exquisite signs that we have tapped in to the remarkable of living. This site is for you if you are ready to take a journey of personal growth that will lead to more radiance in your life, and more peace in the world.


Honoring the light within you,